What Are You Soaking In???

When I woke up in this world, I found myself in Ghana, West Africa. I realized that I was very far from the great men of God in America. I desperately wanted to fellowship with them but there was no way possible. So God showed me a way that I could fellowship with some of the most anointed people of this generation; THEIR BOOKS, CD’s and DVDs!

I have fellowshipped with many people through their books. I got to know their minds through their books. In the same way, I have interacted with the Lord Jesus by reading the Bible and studying his words and actions.

“Soaking” in books written by anointed men is an invaluable way of associating with them. The time you spend reading a book is spent fellowshipping with the author of the book. What a great privilege it is to interact with a great person for three hours in the privacy of your home!
You will be blessed and anointed!


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