Let Go, And Let God!!!

YOU MUST RECOGNIZE AND FLOW with what God is doing. The extent to which you flow with the Lord will determine your success . Unfortunately, the Lord is not as predictable as we would like Him to be. As humans, we love computers and predictable things. We want to be able to say; “This is what God will do!” or “God will heal this person tomorrow.” We wish we could predict whether God will use this young man and not the other one. However, majority of the time, we are wrong. God does not fit into our stereotypes.

After many years of walking with the Lord, I have simply let go of all confidence in my ability to know what God will do. I trust Him and do what He wants me to do. It is highly important to accept what God is doing and flow with it. When you flow with the move of God, God will surely be with you. When you fight against what He is doing you will never succeed!



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