For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid is come unto me. – Job 3:25

The three effects of the demon of fear are spelt out in 2Timothy 1:7. Bible teaches that God has given the spirit of love, the spirit of power and the spirit of a soundmind to replace the spirit of fear. Therefore, people possessed with a spirit of fear are unable to love. They lose their spiritual power and they do not have sound minds. When you are possessed with fear, you behave abnormally.

Many women are controlled by evil spirits of fear. They are unable to marry because they fear disappointments and the control that will come through marriage. Women who are not controlled by these fears marry easily and join the struggles of married life. Fear can turn you into a mad person. No one will understand your behavior. When the spirit of God is upon you, the spirit of fear will lose control. The frightening things we see around us cannot govern us. If we were to follow these fears, we would be immobilized and unable to function.

There are tragedies of all kinds everywhere. It was difficult for me to fly after September 11. However, I realized that if I were governed by fear, my ministry would become abnormal. I would be a man unable to sit on a plane. I would have to travel to Europe by car or bicycle; this would take me at least three weeks. The spirit of God gives us a sound mind. The spirit of fear takes away the soundness of our minds. Do not walk in the spirit of fear! Remember that fear is a demon and whoever follows a demon will not prosper.


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