Healing Jesus Campaign Banjul, Gambia Update!!!

The Healing Jesus Campaign team and I arrived safely in Banjul on Saturday afternoon by the special grace of God.

We were ushered to the conference hall of the Kairaba Beach Hotel for the grand welcome ceremony organized by the pastors of the Healing Jesus Campaign Planning Committee in Banjul. As part of my opening address, I explained to them our purpose and motivation for coming to the Gambia. I believe that God has sent us as Christians to evangelize the whole world and not just some specific sections of it . We are here in the Gambia to obey and do our best to fulfill the great commission given to us by our Lord and I believe that the Lord will bless our work here.

The first night of the campaign was held on a park behind National Stadium. Thousands of Christians and Muslims alike gathered to hear the Word of God. My message for the evening was about THE LOVE OF GOD from John 3:16.

Is it not an amazing thing that God loved the WHOLE WORLD and not just a few? Many women would love just their husbands and their children but God loved the entire world.
The love of God is by far the best kind of love to respond to. Thousands of people responded to the great love of God and surrendered their lives to Christ last night. The Lord blessed us with many fantastic miracles also. We witnessed sight being restored to the blind, different lumps and tumors disappearing from bodies and all different kinds of rare conditions and diseases being healed by the power of God. I thank God for the great things He’s doing here in Banjul!

This morning also by the grace of God, we had the first day of our Pastors Conference. About 300 pastors and church leaders gathered from all over Banjul and it’s neighboring cities for the Conference earlier this morning. Each pastor received three free copies of my books.

I am on my way now for tonight’s campaign and I’m believing God for even greater salvation and miracles. Will be sending you more updates soon.
Be blessed!


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