The Sacrifices Of A Christian Leader…Part 1

Then Peter began to say unto him, Lo, WE HAVE LEFT ALL, and have followed thee.” – Mark 10:28


This is the most important sacrifice of a Pastor. Without sacrificing time to be with the Lord, there will be no real fruit. Many ministers have time for everything else but the Lord. The is time for TV, socializing, computers, business and sports but there is no time for personal fellowship with the Lord. The ministry is a reflection of a man’s personal time with the Lord.


Many pastors do not know that they have to give their money to the ministry. I believe that every minister must invest personally into the ministry. Of course, you cannot do that if your money is not distinct from the church’s money. It is important that your personal possessions are distinct from the property of the church. If this distinction is not clear, you lose the blessing of giving. You have nothing to give because all you have is church property. And how can you give the church what belongs to it?

To be continued…


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