I Know Your Works!!!

God never said He was keeping an eye on your cars and houses. Yet Christians today are engrossed in numerous activities to create more earthly treasures for themselves. Most of these things have no eternal value. We assess people by their clothes and jewellery. We assess people by their homes. We assess people by the cars they drive. But Jesus said, “You shall know them by their fruits.” Jesus did not say you shall know them by their car or their houses.

God is not against these things but that is not what God is monitoring. God’s eyes are on your works!

God is watching the labour and effort that you are putting in for the sake of His kingdom. If you do not have any such “works”, eternity will hold the greatest shock for your life! You will notice from the Scriptures below that the phrase, “I know your works” is mentioned repeatedly.

Every one of the seven churches in the book of Revelation is told the same thing. God knows the works you have done! God is watching your works! God has His eye on the things you are doing for His kingdom! The letters to the seven churches serve as a revelation of our future judgement when we stand before God. We now know what we will be assessed about. This is the best “past question” that we could ever have!



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