One day I had to make a trip from London to New York to minister. I was actually scheduled to minister in Maryland that night. Unfortunately, I had a very early flight from Heathrow Airport in London, to Amsterdam and then I was to connect from Amsterdam to New York. Somehow I did not believe the time I saw on my ticket. I thought it was too early to be true.
When I got to the airport, for the first time in my life, I was too late to check-in or to board the aircraft. I had missed the check in time by about twenty minutes. I was disappointed. I had to wait for the next flight to Amsterdam!
“You cannot make your first connection to New York but you can get a later flight,” they told me.
I realized from the time, that I would still make it to New York and just in time to drive to Maryland. So I called New York and told the pastor when I would be arriving and told him that we would need to drive rapidly to Maryland. I assured him that we were in good time and that the programme would surely come on in spite of the slight delay.
In Amsterdam, I confidently boarded my connecting flight to New York knowing that it would soon take-off and I would be on my way. After a while, I looked out of the window and I saw people spraying the wings of the plane. Then came the announcement: “There is so much ice on the engine that it will not be safe to take- off. It will take us one hour to get rid of it. Please bear with us.”
I did another calculation and I still felt I could just make it to Maryland for the programme. The whole church would be waiting for me. They had been expecting me for weeks.
Unfortunately, it was not to be so. After the ice problem was solved, a new one arose, introducing even further delays. This time they said the toilets in the plane were not working and they had to fix them. I had never heard of toilets in a plane not working but it was happening live! It took another two hours before we were finally ready for take-off.
I sat in anguish as the minutes went by, imagining how many people would have gathered for the programme. Eventually, I had to accept that the programme would be cancelled because I would not make it in time. As I sat in my chair, I reflected over how the twenty-minute delay in London had cancelled my entire program.
It was then that the Lord spoke to me: “Do you see that DELAY MEANS CANCELLATION?”
The Lord showed me that the delay in obeying His Word could lead to my never doing His will! The Lord showed me that He had allowed me to have this experience so that I would learn how the delay in doing His will sometimes leads to my never doing it. Delay often means cancellation but many do not know this fact.
Has God spoken to you? What has He asked you to do? Remember that anything that is not done FIRST may never be done!

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