Many of us do not realize how loyal Jesus was to his Father in Heaven. He exhibited this many times. He made many statements that teach us great truths about loyalty. In this chapter, I want us to learn the principles of fidelity, loyalty and faithfulness directly from Jesus Christ.
Perhaps all that you know about Jesus are the miracles that He performed. But Jesus is the express image of God and if we want to learn anything about God, all we have to do is to look at Christ. 
Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person…”
Hebrews 1:3
The best teacher of loyalty is Jesus Christ Himself. He was loyal to his father and to his father’s vision. He never deviated from his line of duty. He was loyal even when it cost Him his life on the cross. Christ is the person you must emulate. Why do people call us Christians? Because we are supposed to be Christlike.
As you read this chapter, decide to emulate these characteristics of Christ-like loyalty. Be the person that is described in the next few pages. Be a devoted and loyal person.
Eleven Christ-Like Characteristics
* A Person Who Openly Acknowledges His Father
Therefore the Jews sought to kill him, because he not only broken the sabbath, but SAID ALSO THAT GOD WAS HIS FATHER, making himself equal with God.”-John 5:18
Some people do not want anyone to know about their origins. If you follow me closely, you will know where I came from and how I was trained in the ministry. I am not self-made. I have been influenced greatly by many people.
A loyal person openly speaks of his father. He is not ashamed to say whom he has followed. He is not ashamed to say whose messages have inspired him. Jesus openly spoke about His father. He always explained that He had been sent. His proof that He had been sent lay in the fact that He did the same things that His father did. A loyal person takes pride in the fact that he has a superior.
“…the same works that I do, bear witness of me, THAT THE FATHER HATH SENT ME.” –John 5:36
He spoke so much about His father that it annoyed some people.
Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him…”
John 5:18
I have noticed that certain ministers refuse to speak of their relationship with their seniors. Watch such people because they are not manifesting Christ-like qualities. It is Lucifer who forgot that he was created and appointed. If you have to be reminded about your origins you have a problem.
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One thought on “ARE YOU LOYAL????

  1. The concept of Loyalty is somehow abused in what you are saying. 1) Be Loyal to God is the main message not to your seniors, particularly if they are sinners. You can always help them to better themselves but loyalty must be earned by displaying a “Christlike” way of leaving.

    Finally comparing a loyalty to God to loyalty to a human being is from my perspective arrogant.

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