External Beauty Depends on Internal Beauty

Outward beauty depends on the inward beauty. If you are beautiful inside it shows on the outside. Sometimes I see people and I know that spiritually they are not doing well. 

I saw two pictures of a lady who had converted from witchcraft to Christ. One photograph showed her when she was practicing witchcraft and the other when she had accepted Christ. They were two different people.

When you are doing well spiritually, the beauty of it shows outwardly. Proverbs 7:11-27 describes a strange woman who is very attractive on the outside, but very stubborn and loud. Such a person is beautiful outside but ugly in character and emotions. 

Some people, especially unbelievers, try to polish their outside whilst they are so nasty on the inside. Young men look for the inner beauty. The Bible calls it “a meek and quiet spirit

A beautiful wife once threatened to slap her husband in public. She was definitely a beauty on the outside but a tigress on the inside. Look at what is inside in addition to the outward appearance, because it is the two things together that make a person truly beautiful.

Young men, do not be impressed by what you see on the outside. Look out for the inner beauty. In spite of the fact that my wife is physically beautiful to me, I saw something inside her that attracted me to the inner beauty.

When a person has a good spirit, and a good heart, it adds to the person’s beauty.


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