READ: John 6:5-13

“…he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.” – John 6:12

A frugal person is someone who counts his pennies. Years ago I wrote a book on frugality. It was something that I had taught in my church. I believe that it was a key that had helped me greatly in ministry.

I recently read a book on millionaires in America. I was surprised to find out that a study on millionaires had shown that the most common characteristic of wealthy people was frugality. I read this book many years after I had taught and written on frugality. You see, the principles are the same. A frugal person is someone who counts his pennies. There is no limitless amount of money sitting anywhere.

Years ago, when our church began a building project the Spirit of God spoke to me and said, “You will accomplish this vision if you count your pennies.” True to His word, we counted our pennies and we accomplished the vision.

Neither a wasteful person nor an extravagant person can accomplish much. Are you concerned about impressing people and showing off expensive things? Then you are not a leader. A leader knows that in order to get to his goal he is going to have to count his pennies. Why did Jesus ask the disciples to gather the crumbs? He said very clearly that He was preventing losses (John 6:12).

The best way to become rich is to minimize your losses. If you are the leader of a company, your duty is to minimize your losses and prevent stealing. If you can do these two things, your company will prosper naturally.



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