READ: Joshua 1:1-9

“Only be thou strong and very courageous…have not I commanded thee?…”-Joshua 1:7,9

Do you want to lead people? You are going to need a lot of courage. In Joshua 1:1-9, God exhorted Joshua three times to be courageous.

This was the beginning of Joshua’s life as a leader. Obviously, courage was very important for the ministry of Joshua to succeed. It takes a courageous person to advance into fearful and frightening circumstances.

It takes courage to advance when the outcome is uncertain. You need a lot of courage when failure looks like a real option. When defeat is rallying around to welcome you, you need to be bold to press on to victory. We all know that the bystanders are waiting for our downfall. It takes courage to continue on a certain course of action.

Without courage, you cannot call yourself a leader. It takes courage to start a church or a business. What about if it fails? It takes courage to follow a new idea.

It is only courageous people who can be leaders. Success or failure depends on being courageous. It takes courage to stand up for the truth. The reason why many people do not try new aspects of ministry is because they lack courage. It takes courage to pray for the sick. It takes courage to minister the Spirit. It takes courage to launch out!

Ask God for the spirit of Joshua. You will find yourself advancing into higher heights when you are very courageous!



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