READ: 2 Timothy 2:15-26

But foolish and unlearned questions avoid,… they do gender strifes.” – 2 Timothy 2:23

Someone asked, “Who made God?”Another person said, “I’ll come to church if you can tell me who Cain’s wife was” (referring to Adam and Eve’s first son). The answer to this particular question is very simple, but it is a foolish question anyway.

You see, the problem is not who married Cain; the real problem is with your backsliding tendency! You now want to find some reason to doubt the authenticity of the Bible!

Others would question, “Why are the pastors driving nice cars?“Again, the problem is not with the pastor’s car or how much the pastors are being paid.

The problem is that you are backsliding and are trying to find some fault with your church. You desperately need to find a reason to justify your actions.

These are foolish questions and a classic symptom of a backsliding Christian. Of course, I am not against the asking of legitimate questions. But there is a difference between a genuine question and a foolish question.

Watch out for those who come up with all sorts of criticisms and reviews of the Church and her ministers. They often have a hidden motive.


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