Signs of a strange woman part 1

It is important for every Christian to be delivered from the snares and traps of strange people.  In the book of Proverbs, God has given us some of the signs by which we can identify a strange person and avoid her!

1) She moves in a particular group.

…a young man…passing through the street near her corner…Proverbs 7:7,8

Strange people have their special corners. They also have special groups of friends who congregate with them at these special places. People flow together in groups, the like minded with the like minded, friends with friends.

2) She operates at special times.

Proverbs 7:9 says she operates “in the twilight, in the evening, in the black and dark night.“. The secular strange women operate in the dark and black night. The evenings are times when evil can flourish. If you are a young man, you must not be in the company of certain people at certain times. If you are in a relationship, there are certain times that you should not be with your significant other.


3) She has special dresses.

…there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot Proverbs 7:9

The Bible did not say she was a harlot, but that, she came with the dress of a harlot. If you are a Christian there are certain dresses that you are not supposed to wear. A believer ought to dress decently. Strange women often dress in suggestive and revealing ways. It is not only the dress that speaks, but their pose also says volumes. Ladies, always dress decently. Do not dress in suggestive or revealing ways.

To be continued…


4 thoughts on “Signs of a strange woman part 1

  1. I like that you correctly identify that she apparently isn’t directly called a prostitute or harlot in Hebrew. However, the Hebrew noun for prostitute, Zonah, usually or always refers to an unmarried or professional prostitute when in reference to a living human. The ‘strange’ or ‘foreign’ or ‘estranged’ (possibly from husband/house) woman in Proverbs is likely a married prostitute. Or at least a serial adulteress. She is directly called a harlot or prostitute in the Septuagint and Vulgate at Prov 5:3 which uses the genitive noun for prostitute instead of ‘strange woman’. Sirach 9:3 in Greek also uses a verbal participle, which can mean a noun, for courtesan/prostitute, instead of the Hebrew which has ‘ishah zarah’ (woman/wife strange/foreign/estranged). I have researched her for many months in various Bibles and languages.

    The professional or unmarried prostitute is mentioned in Hebrew Proverbs in 6:26;7:10;23:27;29:3.

    Prov 2:16-17;5:9-10;6:26,29,32;7:19;9:17;20:16-17;30:20 are possible references to her adultery and her being married. ‘guide of her youth and covenant of her god(s)’ likely has at least partial reference to her husband and adultery as Prov 5:18 mentions ‘wife of thy youth’ and Micah 7:5 mentions trusting not in a ‘guide’ (likely at least partial reference to one’s husband) nor the woman in your bosom (likely one’s wife). Stolen water and hidden bread/bread of deceit are likely references to adultery (Potiphar’s wife is possibly referred to as ‘the bread’ of Potiphar in Gen 39:6). A thief when he is hungry is compared to an adulterer in Prov 6:30. Bread is mentioned in connection with a prostitute or harlot in Prov 6:26, either that she can reduce you to a loaf/cake of bread or that she can be had for a loaf/cake of bread, or both. Prov 20:16-17 and 27:13 are possible references to a pledge or payment for sex with this ‘strange woman’.

    She is likely either a serial adulteress (married) or a married prostitute (serial adulterous prostitute or prostitute who is a serial adulteress).

    The fact that she is in/with/wearing an ‘attire of a harlot’, in the streets/squares/plazas, lying in wait at every corner shows that if she is not a prostitute, she is virtually identical to one.

    Foreign women were likely prostitutes/temple prostitutes in ancient Israel as the Law of Moses frowned on prostitution for Israelite women; Lev 19:29; Deut 23:17-18.

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