READ: John 14:8-14

…Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.” –1 Samuel 15:22

We were not created so that we would just be “good” people.We were created to do certain good works. These good works were ordained by God.

In other words, God has already determined the works that you are supposed to do. No one can do anything to impress God. Your goodness, your morality, your uprightness and your perfection will not impress God. To please God is to do what He says you should do.

When Satan approached Jesus in the wilderness, he suggested some “good things” for Jesus to do. Jesus was asked to use God’s power to turn stones into bread but He did not. He was also asked to protect Himself with God’s power but He did not.

These are all “good things” but Jesus did not do them. He knew that the right thing to do was to obey God.

The devil also asks people to do “good things” but there is always a hidden agenda. As soon as you step out of God’s commands you are in sin even though it may be a “good thing”.

After eating of the Tree of Good and Evil, men have become obsessed with what they see as good or evil. Obeying God is what is right for us to do.

Doing good things, moral things, upright things are not necessarily pleasing to God. Find out which works God would have you do, and do them.

3 thoughts on “COMPLIANCE

  1. Thank God for this wisdom Papa.
    It is very true to please men by doing what they want you to do.
    It is very easy. But to please God as you have said is to do as he say not what they say.
    A Good work is to finish what I have been sent here in Eldoret. Winning souls for the Kingdom. And continue preaching the same message and not deviating because of what the people say.

    Thank you for sending me in Eldoret and still keeping me on course through these messages.
    I love you.
    Dennis Ampofo Cudjoe
    LCI Eldoret-Kenya.

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