READ: Matthew 12:28-37

…the The sayings of Jesus were often so absolute that many have found it difficult to believe. Many of the words of Jesus appear to be extreme and are therefore ignored by a large number of believers.

The words of Jesus were not induced by men, from men or under the influence of men. Jesus had no one to please except His father. Jesus did not even attempt to get the respect of men: “I receive not honour from men” (John 5:41). It seemed He did not crave the approval of men; neither did He crave a large following. What He seemed to desire was to please His Father.

The words of Jesus were so simple that they are rarely forgotten, even by children. There have been many hardened, backslidden people who came back to God because they remembered their Sunday school Bible stories and Bible verses. The words of Jesus were easily understood even by common people (Mark 12:37).

It is up to us not to fall or walk into deception, but to recognize the words of Jesus as the ultimate and final statements of truth. The words of Jesus must be the guiding post for all Christians and ministers. We must assess our ministries by the words of Jesus.

The words of Jesus were so anointed that they changed the lives of those that heard them. They contain such love and kindness that the average unsaved person finds it difficult to fathom.

3 thoughts on “DIVINE WORDS

  1. I am grateful. And privilege to hear from my Father. Thank you daddy for the wake-up call I am grateful!!!! From Dennis Cudjoe Ampofo Eldoret-Kenya

    Sent from my Samsung TabletDag Heward-Mills wrote:

  2. I pray for spirit of humility and faithfulness through this call
    I also ask fir grace and the leading of His spirit, in all that i do
    In this ministry word.
    I love you Daddy for directing and counselling me.
    Dennis Eldoret-Kenya

  3. Thank you Bishop, I am always blessed and humbled whenever  I read your mail. I believe the greatest investment God gave to the world was to sacrifice His only begotten son for my sake and as such He expects to see results in His investment. Is like having a business and pumping so much money into that business, you will definately want to see results in the investment done. God wants to see results in His investment to the world and that is why He is counting on me to be a soul winner. When Jesus came to the world not only did He save the world, not only did healed the sick but He also advertised heaven to us, He said in my fathers house are many mansions, the streets are made of gold. His desire was to draw our mind to His fathers Kingdom ( Heaven ). I am challenged to go all out for Him, I know it is time. Many times I cry in my room especialy when I listen to you preach, I feel I am not doing much for God. This year one of my resolution is to win and establish a soul every month, my desire will be by the end of the year I would have established Twelve soul, it will be a delight and a joy to me to see them watch you preach on Christmas day. My greatest desire is to put a big smile on my Fathers face. God bless you Bishop  you are doing a great and wonderful  job, God is really pleased, that I know. thank you. Once again God bless you.

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