READ: James 4:1-10

Ye ask, and receive not…because ye ask amiss…

James 4:3

Praying amiss means that you pray unacceptable, unsuitable, inappropriate, inadmissible, unsatisfactory and impossible prayers. God will not do things, which are against His principles.

Do not pray foolish prayers. Faith is very different from foolishness. Some people ask the Lord for ill-considered things. God is not a fool. Please do not try to make Him one. The fact that you are allowed to exercise faith does not mean that you should be irrational. When God takes no notice of foolish prayers, do not say that prayer does not work.

If you ask God for somebody’s husband, you are praying a foolish prayer. Some young men, starting out in life, ask the Lord for huge mansions and fantastically expensive cars. It is true that God wants to bless you, but do not expect God to promote you overnight. Look at your Bible carefully. All the people who were blessed experienced it over a period of several years. If you are a married person and you do not use contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, please do not bind the babies in your wife’s womb. God does not respond to foolishness.

If you have a job to do and you do not do it, do not pray that your boss will be struck with blindness so that he will not see the lapses in your work. That is an imbecilic prayer request! As you grow older do not bother to pray for your youth to return. There is a natural aging process, which you cannot bind or revoke by absurd prayers! I do not want the angels in Heaven to think that you are suffering from feeble-mindedness! Pray with wisdom.


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