Walk Worthy of Your Calling

You must walk worthy because it is a privilege to be chosen.It is truly a privilege to be chosen by the Lord. To be saved is the highest privilege a human being could have. When I consider the millions of people who live and die,never knowing the Lord, I consider it my greatest blessing to be saved.

When I consider my friends and relatives who do not know the Lord, I am eternally grateful for my salvation. What more could I ask for. Yet there seems to be something higher that God is giving to some of us – a call to ministry! This truly is the mercy of God. That is why you must walk worthy. To work for God is the opportunity very few people in the world will ever have.

Read….. 2Corinthians 4:1


One thought on “Walk Worthy of Your Calling

  1. God do not make human based differences between his children (at least this is what I believe). Your are not priviledge because you work for God. You are not priviledge at all. The feeling of being privledge is an antithesis of the teaching of God. It is a humanisation of God. You are what God decided you will be and each steps you are taking to be living as per His teaching makes you as “priviledge” as someone who has dedicated his/her whole life “serving” God.

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