How to Increase Your Value

When you work for the Lord, you must seek to increase your value! You must understand what makes you valuable and do those things. You must understand what valuable thing God has placed in you and develop it. Your value increases when you can be sent.

Not everyone is sendable. A person being sent on a mission must have the special ability to be faithful without varying the message. Most people who are sent on a mission become sympathetic to the people they are sent to and modify their mission and their message! Thank God for those who can stay with the message no matter how hard or ridiculous it sounds.


2 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Value

  1. I do not understand the logic of this assumption : “Your value increases when you can be sent.” I would appreciate if you could break it down for me please.

  2. If you can not be sent then your value is low after going to training college you become a teacher ,meaning you have to go class room and prove that you are a teacher but if you can’t do that then your training as a teacher is valueless .Simple as abc

    But remember that the college that trained you value increases because their able to you and sent you out for purpose.

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