Why Some People Do Not Prosper at Work

Some people do not prosper because they are in the wrong job. Even when you are diligent and hardworking, being in a job you are not suited for will destroy you. You will not shine and you will not excel because you are not for the kind of job you have chosen.

You cannot prosper without a calling. When you are not called to something you get into all sorts of difficulties. A train is not designed to fly. No matter how it is positioned on the runway, flying is impossible! It is designed to stay on the ground and to move along rail tracks.

It is important that you find your calling because you are designed to do specific things. Many difficulties come from doing jobs that you are not suited for. Functioning in a call which is not your own is like taking an honor which is not yours
Read….. Hebrews 5:4

2 thoughts on “Why Some People Do Not Prosper at Work

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