Benefits of Bearing Fruits

Bearing fruit proves that you are a real Christian

I have come to realize that all church members are not necessarily Christians. It is unfortunate, but many who go to church are not born again,and do not even know God.

Matthew 7:20 says….wherefore by their fruits he shall know them

We can distinguish genuine Christians from counterfeit Christians by looking at their fruits! If,by your spiritual activity, others just like you are brought to the Lord and discipled, then this fruit you are bearing shows that you are real!
But if you have no converts to show for your Christianity, then there must be something missing. Perhaps you are not genuine. Perhaps you are just an attendee. No wonder some so called Christians are not interested in the Bible or the things of God.

Friend,be real first be born again,then show by your fruit that you are a real, committed Christians.


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