In Journeys Often….

I feel so happy about being able to come to Guinea Bissau all the way from Ghana to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For over 3 weeks, the team and I have been ardently campaigning for Christ from the North to the South of Guinea Bissau. Is not a blessing?

Our first stop was to a town in the North called Gabu, then to Bafata, Buba, down to Canchungo and finally to the city, Bissau.

The Gospel is indeed good news! As we journey through the towns and cities of the country, you realize how people really need the Lord and need to hear the Gospel.

I thank God for the grace He has given and the way He made for us to practically come, live and preach here. In our 3 weeks of campaigning, over 70,000 decisions have been made for Christ. And by the grace of God, We have seen almost every kind of miracle in the Bible. Jesus is a healing Jesus!The entire experience has been a blessing and we will miss Guinea Bissau.

God bless all the pastors who helped to make the campaigns a success and thank you too for following me on my WordPress page throughout all my travels.

My journeys still continue though. I am currently in Europe preaching visiting some of the churches of Lighthouse Chapel International.

Will continue to stay in touch. Be blessed…


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